The Complete Classical Piano Course

A Comprehensive Self-learning Guide to Classical Piano

4 Volumes, 3 CD's and over 1000 Online Videos

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  • Master Musics 4 Key Elements: Grammar, Technique, Theory and Aural
  • Learn in Your Own Time at Your Own Pace
  • Take Your Piano Reading And Playing Technique from Beginner to an Advanced Level
  • Learn Expert Tips and Practice Strategies
  • Learn The Mistakes That Thousands Of Students Are Making Right Now And How To Avoid Them
  • No Monthly Tuition Fees
The Complete Classical Piano Course 4 volumes, 3 cds and over 1000 HD videos

This Course is Designed For The Following Students..

  • Beginners Wanting to Learn a Comprehensive Course from Basic to an Advanced Standard of Reading, Playing, Technique and Aural Training
  • Students' that Played "A long Time Ago" and Now Wish to Start Again
  • Intermediate Students Wanting to Master New Technical and Aural Skills
  • Musicians, Songwriters and Producers wanting to Enhance their Piano Playing Skills
  • Learning from YouTube Videos in a Non-Structured Way
  • As a Training Guide for All Levels of Piano Teaching

What's in the box

Book One—Manual + CD

Learn and Master the Four Essential Elements of Music by Studying Notes, Rhythm, Theory and Ear Training

  • Master the Treble and Bass Clef through Speed Recognition Tests
  • Master your Rhythm to an Advanced Level
  • Master 12 Essential Theory Topics including Key Signatures, Chords and Harmony
  • Master 4, 2 and 8 Time Signatures
  • Master Sightreading to an Advance level
  • Learn how to use the Metronome correctly and all its uses

Book Two—Technique + CD

Master your Playing Technique with Two Weekly Training Programmes. Develop Control, Tone, Speed and Articulation from Beginner to Advanced Level

  • 18 and 10 Month Technique Training Programmes
  • Learn ALL 12 Major and Minor Scales, Arpeggios and Broken Chords
  • 36 different Scale, Arpeggio and Broken Chord Technical Exercises
  • Master Popular Playing Techniques that are used in ALL styles including Jazz and Pop
  • Listen to Fundamental Playing Errors and Learn How to Avoid Them

Book Three—Practice Notes + CD

Master the Art of Practising and Bonus Supplementary Material for All Five Levels
of Music found in Book 4—Music

  • Expert Tips and Strategies to Learn Faster, Easier AND in Less Time
  • Learn the Mistakes ALL Students are Making Right Now and How to Avoid Them
  • The "Three Golden Rules" of Practice
  • How to Practice Hands Separately and Hands Together
  • Learn to Correctly Phrase and Articulate the Music through Ear Training
  • Improve your Sightreading Skills

Book Four—Music

Thirty Beautiful Pieces of Piano Repertoire from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic Eras

  • Includes All Five Levels
  • Music from the Baroque, Romantic and Classical Eras
  • Learn From the Masters: Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Bach, Schubert and More
  • Für Elise, Greensleeves, Ode To Joy, Minuet in G and Many More
  • Extra Fingering Added

On the Website—Videos

Unlimited Access to Over 1000 HD Videos, Played by an Expert, Hands Separately and Hands Together

The Complete Classical Piano Course: Website—Videos Fur Elise Hand Together Bars 1 to 8
  • Unlimited Access To Over 1000 HD videos! Watch As And When Is Needed
  • Check your Technique by Watching an Expert show you How it's Played
  • Watch how each Bar, Phrase and/or Line is played Hands Separately and Hands Together
  • Easily locate a Bar, Phrase and/or Line of Music from the Music in Book—Four
  • Watch each Scale, Arpeggio and Broken Chord being Played Hands Separately and Hands Together from Technique Programme—A
  • Watch every Technique from Octaves—Pedalling being Played from Technique Programme—B
  • Access to All "Video Basics" Training Videos from Stages 1 to 15
  • Download and/or Stream all 30 Pieces of Music
  • Have Fun Playing the "Other Hand" by Turning off either the Treble Clef (Right Speaker) or Bass Clef (Left Speaker)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Am I too old to learn?

Definitely not! The course is suited for all ages if you have the desire and determination, however the course is more suitable for teenagers and adults. Children can use this course through separate guidance. See below…

Can I learn on a keyboard?

Yes, as long as the keyboard is touch sensitive and has at least 61 keys. You will need to buy a sustain pedal to plug into the back of the keyboard. An electric piano would be a better option as these pianos are weighted and have a similar feel to a piano.

How easy is this course?

This teaching method has been practiced on students as young as five years old. It starts from the very basics from learning the piano keys to learning how to see, hear and play 4-part harmony. If you apply the strategies and tips then you will be able to learn very easily and quickly. All subjects will teach you only the essential topics in grammar, theory, technique and ear training to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. With over twenty years of music reading experience, you will find that even the rhythm exercises last for only 45 minutes!

How quickly will I learn the course?

This all depends on how much time, effort and how disciplined you are. To learn how to play one piece of music depends on what you want to achieve. To just get “over the net“, in other words to play the music with no expression and limited understanding then this can be achieved very quickly within a week, though higher levels may take longer. Playing with expression through phrasing, dynamics and articulation will take longer as this wont be achieved unless you work through the weekly technique programmes found  in Book 2—Technique. On average, the music in Book 4—Music can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on how well you want to express the music.

What standard of playing will I be after I have finished the course?

This course is designed to have your reading and technique up to an advanced level. The music is graded from Level 1 to Level 5. Take a moment to view the links to see the standard of music that you will learn and understand. You will be able to read 90% of classical music and around 95% from any pop or jazz book. Other music would contain more complex irregular rhythms.

Is this course suitable for children?

Yes and no. Any child can learn through the course but would require a parent or music teacher to help work through the course contents.

Do I learn each book separately from Book 1 to Book 4?

No. Book 1—Manual and Book 4—Music are your “go to” books. Book 2—Technique works through two technique training programmes and should be used while working through the music in Book 4. Book 3—Practice Notes is a supplementary guide  to be used along side Book 4—Music as well as essential study found in the Art of Practicing. The course books are designed to “dip in” and cross referenced with each other.

How often do I need to practice?

Click on Pre-Practice Notes To Consider to find out if this course is for you.

Can I learn the music by ear from the CD's?

The CD’s are there to be used for rhythm, technique and ear training practice. You will also learn how to articulate the music through phrasing and dynamics and become aware of playing mistakes that students’ often make so that you can avoid making these same mistakes.

Can I take an exam after learning the course?

There are no exams after working through this course. It is designed for those wanting to learn to play classical piano at their own pace without the stress!

Do I need to work through the course from a computer?

No, this course should be studied in front of a piano or keyboard. The quickest and best way to watch the videos, to check your playing technique, is on a mobile phone or ipad.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. You have a 30 day money back guarantee. Try out the course for 30 days and if you feel that it’s not for you then you can return the course for a full refund. See Terms and Conditions. Contact us to arrange the delivery return address.

Is this a subscription course?

We are currently working on an online subscription course. Click the link to find out more.


  • Name
    “I bought The Complete Classical Piano Course a couple of months ago. I work in musical theatre and am writing my own musical. My piano skills/musicianship are something I want to make a life mission to get better and better. After trying quite a few online courses I found this course to be the most less daunting to learn classical music and actually makes me want to pick the books up. The course is broken down in such a different way that not only does it inspire you to want to sit at the piano and learn but it actually makes you more inquisitive about learning as opposed to scared of venturing into the classical world. It made me realise that no matter what age you start you can still do it. Because of my work and being in shows I also can't practice the books every day but thats fine as the course is designed for that too. Its so cleverly written that you can jump in and out and FINALLY enjoy the classical world and realise music is music. The videos are great too! I'm excited for my progress. 5*”
    Tony Bayliss West End Actor (Elegies, Tommy, We Will Rock You, Beauty and The Beast)
  • Name
    What I love most about this course is it's straightforward approach, cutting out all the unnecessary stuff, and straight to the point!
    Louise Ferdjani Law Student
  • Name
    This course is both logical and easy to follow. My reading skills improved greatly! The step by step methods of working through the rhythm and notes is appropriate at every level and it's given me a skill and a passion which I will enjoy for the rest of my life.
    Johanna Marx Development Officer at Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Name
    “I love the way that this course is laid out,"

    Listen to John's interview on ICR FM Radio
    Fiona Jessica Wilson Presenter ICR FM Radio, Classical Singer,

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About the Author

John has been teaching for over 27 years as a private piano teacher. He has taught over 500 students ranging from five to seventy-five. Although classically trained, John's love is for songwriting and music producing in a range of styles from Jazz to Top 20 Pop on a daily basis. He is signed to a U.S. film and T.V. publishing company. He drinks tea and coffee daily and reads Jack Reacher novels.

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