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Stop Being Frustrated With Your Piano Playing And Get Faster Results...Now!

The Complete Classical Piano Course

  • You’ll learn how to PERFECT your hand technique using a simple 2 coin trick
  • The TRUTH about learning piano when you’re a child - and chances are, it’s not what you think it is
  • The SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE way to learn a piece of music - and it’s not what other piano teachers are teaching!
  • You’ll learn how to play the piano just like a TOUCH TYPIST does without ever looking down at the piano.
  • The reason why you can’t play hands together easily
  • You’ll learn through ear training that even amateur piano players can sound better than top classical pianists
  • The #1 reason why 100% of people who practice the piano are not progressing fast enough

    “I love the way that this course is laid out," As Reviewed on ICR FM Radio


    Fiona Jessica Wilson Presenter ICR FM Radio / Classical Singer

Dear Friend,

Do You Suffer From...

Poor sight-reading?...bad playing technique?...a poor practice routine? untrained musical ear? musical knowledge?...and feel like you’re just not making fast enough progress and deep down you know that you should find yourself a piano teacher to solve all your piano playing problems to teach you the correct way but you just can’t commit to the pressure of having regular lessons?

Do you find yourself on YouTube, searching through 100’s of piano tutorials, only to find that you’ve spent hours internet surfing without actually doing any practice at all?

Are your old piano tutorial books collecting dust somewhere on the shelf?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this message is just for you.

Here's Why...

There’s a way to enjoy playing your favourite classical piano music, while learning to improve your sight-reading skills at an even faster rate than you thought possible, at the same time perfecting playing techniques that would be heard in a concert hall...and acquiring a musical ear, that is so well-trained that even Beethoven’s deaf ears could hear...making consistent day-to-day, week to week, month to month and year to year progress...and still without paying for a private piano teacher...

And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Don't Change The Way You Practice Right Now, You Will Continue To Suffer From Bad Playing Habits And Get Worse!

Bad habits are quickly picked up when you are teaching yourself. I know only too well as I practised for two years not knowing if I was playing the music in the correct way, with the correct hand technique, guessing how I thought each rhythm would be played, every week, every month, every year picking up a whole load of bad playing techniques and basically being very naïve about how to practise.

What most people do, having poor sight-reading skills is they either play pieces that are already familiar to them...try and download an “easy piano” 100’s of YouTube videos. But for most people, none of that works. 

Why? Because...

  • They never fully understand what's written in the music
  • They end up guessing how they think the music ought to be played
  • They end up playing the music like a “parrot” from a YouTube video
  • They miss out from playing all the other “not so” famous music but equally amazing piano music
  • They only play a simplified version of the music and NOT the one that the composer had originally written.
  • They use different YouTube teachers, instead of just one
  • Ultimately, as the days, weeks, months and years go by they stay unfulfilled with their piano playing having made very little progress.

And What Happens If You Just Do Nothing And Just Keep Doing What You've Been Doing?

You will always be that person that watches someone else playing the piano, knowing too well that you would love to show off your piano skills but are too afraid to do it because you feel like you’re not good enough and you feel stupid if you tried.

How I Can Solve All Of Your Piano Frustrations

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story...

One night I noticed on YouTube that many people had watched a video on how to find middle C and saw that the viewing count was over 55,000 hits! 

I realised then that many people just didn’t want to pay for lessons and were quite happy enough to teach themselves the piano.

Being a piano teacher with 27 years experience I saw MAJOR problems right away.

  • You were just learning “parrot” fashion, i.e., listen and copy.
  • I couldn’t find many videos on technique and what I did find were very basic and didn’t go to an advanced level.
  • YouTube is saturated with piano teachers, so you would have to search through 100’s of different videos only to find that the one teacher that could solve ALL their piano playing problems only taught just a few videos...this seemed like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!

And What They're Not Teaching You Is...

  • What NEVER to do when you practice a piece of music and why.
  • The reason why you should always look up at the music and not look down at your hands when sight-reading music.
  • Why you could be spending 95% of your practice time learning hands separately and only practising hands together 5% of your time
  • What NEVER to do immediately after getting something right
  • The #1 reason why you can’t play hands together easily

In Other Words The Essential Information!

After my time on YouTube I thought about music teaching books and after researching many books I found that most of them covered just the first year of playing the piano and didn’t progress to an advanced stage. 

People learn in different ways either by aural, visual, verbal or physical (playing), so having a look at many teaching books throughout the years, I've noticed that...

All covered the verbal (words), some covered visual (pictures), some covered aural (CDs) but I didn't see any that covered all three.

The other fact that all these books shared is that not one of them would explain what not to do and what to listen and look out for when playing by yourself. 

So Then I Had This One BIG IDEA

“Why don’t I create a comprehensive piano teaching course that could be progressively structured week by week, month by month going through all four key elements: Sight-reading, Technique, Ear Training and Theory from beginner to an advanced level?

And the information on the course would only be what you would truly need to learn and nothing else.

After my self-taught experience of learning everything incorrectly, I'd design the course so that each course book would cover all three learning elements - Read, Listen and Watch. Playing everything in the course and having these videos available to freely watch if one gets into a difficult area would make it far easier for the student to fix any playing problems and I'd make every video straight to the point and no talking! There's nothing worse than listening to someone on YouTube waffle on for five minutes just to finally give you a minute of information!

You could then in the comfort of your own home, in a stress-free environment teach yourself how to play the piano, using expert training tips and strategies that have been tested out on 100’s of students from all ages and backgrounds to help you succeed in the easiest and fastest way possible.

That’s why I created The Complete Classical Piano Course.

Here's What Learning Classical Piano

Did For Me

Through my classical piano training I was developing playing techniques, practising articulations and dynamics that would help me express the music the way I felt it. (I know I'd never get this training by starting out learning pop or jazz music.) You see these master composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schumann to name a few, were teachers also. While they would be writing their symphonies they would teach to supplement their income. They would compose music for their student that would cover a particular area of study, based around rhythm, technique or articulation.

As my technique and reading ability was progressing confidently, I was able to teach myself other styles of music like Jazz and Pop music, chordsharmony, Improvisation and Songwriting.

Every year I play my favourite Christmas songs, at home, at family gatherings and at house parties and have a good old sing-song. Birthdays are great too. It's so cool to just play happy birthday as the cake comes in! I've played at weddings and funerals too.

Music career wise: I am a published songwriter and music producer...played in different bands and duos with great musicians...taught many students how to play...wrote this course...but most of all I’m able to escape day-to-day living, switching off from the outside world and going into my own little musical bubble for an hour or so and immerse myself into whatever music I wish to play or write that day. Ah! Heaven.

All this because I learnt how to read confidently and have the technical playing skills to learn any music that I've wanted to play....and still learning!

And it’s not just me.

It Worked For These People And It Will Work For You!


    “I bought The Complete Classical Piano Course a couple of months ago. I work in musical theatre and am writing my own musical. My piano skills/musicianship are something I want to make a life mission to get better and better. After trying a few online courses I found this course to be the most less daunting to learn classical music and actually makes me want to pick the books up. The course is broken down in such a different way that not only does it inspire you to want to sit at the piano and learn but it actually makes you more inquisitive about learning as opposed to scared of venturing into the classical world. It made me realise that no matter what age you start you can still do it. Because of my work and being in shows I also can't practice the books every day but that's fine as the course is designed for that too. It's so cleverly written that you can jump in and out and FINALLY enjoy the classical world and realise music is music. The videos are great too! I'm excited for my progress. 5*


    Tony Bayliss West End Actor (Elegies, Tommy, We Will Rock You, Beauty and The Beast)

How Do You Like To Learn? By Reading, Hearing Or Being Shown?

The Complete Classical Piano Course uses all THREE methods by:

Reading the Text,  Hearing the Audio and Watching the videos. A complete guide to learning the piano, each one backing up the other, so that you'll never get stuck again, helping ALL types of learners.

Watch the Video DEMONSTRATION here!

Finally, It's Your Turn 

When you order your copy of The Complete Classical Piano Course today, you’ll be able to...

Perfect That "Swing" In Your Piano Playing Just Like a Pro Golfer!

The Complete Classical Piano Course

A Comprehensive Self-Learning Guide to Classical Piano

4 Volumes, 3 CD's and over 1000 Online Videos

  • You’ll learn how to PERFECT your hand technique using a simple 2 coin trick
  • The TRUTH about learning piano when you’re a child - and chances are, it’s not what you think it is
  • The SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE way to learn a piece of music - and it’s not what other piano teachers are teaching!
  • You’ll learn how to play the piano just like a TOUCH TYPIST does without ever looking down at the piano.
  • The reason why you can’t play hands together easily
  • You’ll learn through ear training that even amateur piano players can sound better than top classical pianists
  • The #1 reason why 100% of people who practice the piano are not progressing fast enough

You’ll get the best 27+ years of teaching, reading, writing and musicianship experience giving you ONLY what you need to know from cover to cover and nothing more! I'll teach you my SIMPLE tips and BEST strategies that I've used on my own students for years so that you can master easily and SUPER fast: Sight-reading, Technique, Aural and Theory all in one full comprehensive training course.

You'll Also Have......

  • Step by step instruction on how and when to practice the right hand, left hand and hands together
  • Detailed information on co-ordination, rhythm, note reading, concentration, articulation and dynamics
  • How and when to correctly perform page turns!
  • Troubleshooting the 12 most common problems when learning the piano
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in technique, aural and general playing

It all comes as part of The Complete Classical Piano Course.


You'll be able to AMAZE your friends as they watch in awe, as you start to play an amazing rendition of Beethoven's Fur Elise...

...and they'll be the ones that stand next to you watching, listening and dreaming that they wish they were you!

Save Around £1623 in Private Piano Lessons When You Buy The Complete Classical Piano Course

Everyone knows that learning a new skill takes time and discipline. So learning the piano is no different. 

Taking private piano lessons can cost anywhere from £20 - £80+ per hour, depending on experience and place. 

If you had four piano lessons at £40 over a month this would cost you £160. 

6 months = £960

12 months = £1920

18 Months = £2880 *

5 Years = £9600

If I came to your home and gave you private piano lessons it would cost you over £3,000 / year. 

*This is how much it will roughly cost you to cover all the technique covered in the course if you had private lessons!

For just a single payment of £297.00 you will receive all four volumes (Manual, Technique, Practice Notes and Music), three audio training CD’s and access to 100’s of online videos showing you just how to play each part of the course.

Instead of having 12 months worth of piano lessons this course would SAVE you £1623!

And you are 100% safe to try this out. 

Here's My 100% Risk Free Offer...

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My AMAZING Risk Free Trial Offer Certificate


Yes! I want to amaze all my friends and family, with my incredible classical piano playing skills, mastering the piano in all four subjects: Sight-reading, Technique, Ear training and Theory. 

Please rush my 100% RISK-FREE trial of The Complete Classical Piano Course.

I understand I will only invest a mere £7.00 today to cover shipping and processing. You will immediately ship my order of The Complete Classical Piano Course and I have a full 30 days to work through the four volumes, listen to the audio CD’s and go online and access all the videos with absolutely ZERO RISK! At the end of my 30-day trial, if I like The Complete Classical Piano Course and want to continue using it, only at that time and not a moment sooner will I be billed the remaining balance of my order.

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“I truly believe that you will progress at a super fast rate and the easiest way possible by using The Complete Classical Piano Course. Buy it today, you won’t be disappointed.”

John Geraghty

Yes that's right!

Try out the complete course for 30 days, work through all four volumes, listen to all the audio CD’s and go online and access all the videos to see if it works for you. 

If it does, you’ll be delighted with your super fast progress and I know that’s EXACTLY what’s about to happen. If for some reason you’re not EXCITED about your AMAZING new piano playing skills that will ASTOUND your family and friends then just let me know before the trial ends by emailing me at with the headline PLEASE DO NOT BILL ME £297 and send back the course to me.

Absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, and I promise I won’t question you.

100% No Strings Attached Unconditional Money Back Guaranteed!

Two Valuable Bonuses Worth £1000...


Bonus #1 Exclusive access to a private VIP members group (worth £1000 / year)

I’m adding a new private group of VIP students following The Complete Classical Piano Course, where you can upload your own videos and ask me anything about the course and extra help with your piano playing.

Bonus #2. I’ll reimburse your shipping costs


Yes! I’ll even give you back your original payment of £7 so you end up paying absolutely NO shipping and processing fees! So after your 30 day FREE trial period you will only be billed £290.00. 

And just to be clear...

There are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to be proven I promise I won’t question you and you will receive all your money back once we receive the course product.

100% No Strings Attached Unconditional Money Back Guaranteed!

It's Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Feeling frustrated and getting you nowhere fast.

Is that really where you want to go? 

Take New Action And Get A New Result!

Gain admiration from all your friends with your new-found skills and you could be that person asked to play at Christmas, weddings, parties! 

Play more music, find new musician friends, join a band, play in a chamber group, accompany a singer, play all your favourite Christmas songs every year, compose your own music, write a song, perform in front of crazy fans!

You can do it all! Become the piano player you've always dreamed of becoming!

Here's What You Do Now... 

When you click on the Add To Cart button, you’ll be sent to an order form page, simply fill in the form with your delivery address and pay through Stripe, Amazon Pay or PayPal then The Complete Classical Piano Course will be shipped straight from the warehouse (either the same day if ordered before 1pm or the following day) and tracked by the Royal Mail straight to your door. Sign for it and it’s yours! That’s it.

So don’t delay, go ahead and order your copy of The Complete Classical Piano Course today!

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