The Complete Classical Piano Course

A Complete All-in-one Home Study Course for Learning Classical Piano

The Complete Classical Piano Course is all you need to start playing. The course condenses 25 years of professional teaching into four comprehensive volumes, three CDs and over 1000 professional videos. Learn key skills like theory, grammar, aural exercises and technique.

Now it is time to start playing piano!

Four volumes, three audio CDs and over one thousand online videos. Everything you need in one course to master Classical Piano.

Our Promise to You


Try out the complete course for a full 30 days!

If you don’t see any improvement in your piano playing or feel this course is not for you, you can return the books and CDs with no questions asked for a full refund.



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Why Is This Course Amazing?

Study at your own pace
The Complete Piano Course won’t punish you for missing a lesson, it’s designed so that players can pick up where they left off.
3 Ways to learn
Read the text, listen to the CDS and watch the videos!
Budget friendly
Costs on average less than ten hours of private tuition, but the potential progression it affords a player is incomparable.  Put in the effort and there’s no limit to the skills it can teach you.
Master your sight-reading
Increase your ability to read the treble and bass clef at the same time and locate these fast with 15 video basic lessons that are made to get your brain power up to speed. Learn all about /4, /2 and /8 time signatures with an audio CD in just 46 minutes covering all possible rhythm combinations for notes and rests including crotchets, dotted crotchets, minims, dotted minims, semibreves, quavers, dotted quavers, semiquavers and triplets!


2 Technique programmes
Learn all the Scales, Arpeggios and Broken Chords higher than Grade 8 ABRSM exam level. Learn other playing techniques: Octaves, Silent Finger Changes, Repeated Notes, Thirds, Sixths, Chord and Spread Chords, Alberti Bass, Trills, Overlapping Hands and Pedalling.



Ear training

Train your ears like the pros! On the CDS you will learn all about articulation, dynamics and phrasing and a whole lot more! You’ll also learn all the most popular playing mistakes that students make and how to avoid them!  



Expert practice tips and strategies

Master your practising by learning through 25+ years of private teaching experience, what really works for every player from 5-75 years of age so that you can learn easier and faster, not harder and slower. How to break a piece down, when to play hands together, when to add articulation, dynamics and phrasing. Tips on co-ordination, muscle memory, how to use the metronome to increase the tempo and to perfect your timing and much more!




1000+ videos
Stuck on a bar or technique? No problem. Watch how the author plays it. No talking, just straight to the point. Everything in the course has a video, so you’ll never get stuck again.





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