Have you been looking to learn a new musical instrument and want to learn for the best price? If you’re looking to learn how to play the piano, then we highly recommend that self-teaching is a plausible route for you if you’re passionate about piano and committed to learn.

Our classical piano subscription for intermediate players is ideal for you if you possess some experience in playing the wonderful instrument.

Learning to play a classical piano is a great instrument to learn first time around. The reason being that pianos are used in a wide selection of musical genres, making them ideal for anyone looking to broaden their musical knowledge.

Our piano courses are great for intermediate students that want to master their new technical and aural skills. You will have an array of learning resources available to you with videos online, CDs, DVDs and books.

Our comprehensive self-learning guide to classical piano has been received well, with many pianists developing their skill and learning new techniques.

To find out more about our classical piano subscription, then do take a moment to review the entirety of our website.

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