Master Sight-Reading From Beginner To Advanced Level....In 3 Days!

Mixing up your treble and bass clef notes? Making slow progress learning new music? Can't seem to understand basic rhythms? Want to read music like a pro?

Here's What's Inside

Meet Your Teacher

John has been teaching piano for over 25 years. He teaches all styles from Classical to Jazz, as well as songwriting and producing. His students' have ranged from hobbyists to professional songwriters, housewives to grandparents.

John says, "When learning to play an instrument, reading music is one of the most important elements to master. Back when you learnt to read at school, you can now choose your own books to read and study. Music works the same way. Master the basics then you can read and/or study any style of music you like, from classical to jazz, chords to improvisation.....the list goes on!"